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Oct 30 2019 -

Party Hunt Analyser and More

s it up to you to split the loot after a successful hunt? Are you wondering if one of your team members is really pulling their weight? Then the Party Hunt Analyser will make your life a lot easier.

This new feature will allow everyone in a hunting party to track important information about the current hunting session:

Session duration, total loot gained by the party, supplies used and balance. Loot Type by default is "Market", which means that the Average Market Price is used as a basis to calculate loot and supplies. Premium players can set it to "Leader", which means that the value used is configured by the party leader.

Furthermore, the Party Hunt Analyser keeps track of each member's balance, damage and healing.

Tracking begins once a party has been formed. The party leader can reset the data, which means tracking starts anew immediately. If a party member leaves, their data will be greyed out. Upon rejoining, the data will be continued. Only players who have contributed either damage, healing, loot or waste will appear in the analyser.

You can access the Party Hunt Analyser from the Analytics Selector.

Bestiary Tracker

The Bestiary Tracker allows you to easily keep track of any bestiary entry's progress. If you do not yet have completed an entry, you can tick a checkbox "Track kills" in the bestiary entry which adds the creature to the new widget. There you can see your kills as a progress bar as well as the exact number. It only keeps track until you have completed the entry. If you click on the entry in the widget, you will be taken to the respective creature's bestiary entry.

Improved Character Selection

The new and improved character selection screen allows you to sort your characters, their vocation and the game worlds they are on alphabetically, as well as by their level, in ascending or descending order. You can also pin a character so that it appears at the top of the list at all times. The current top character will also be automatically selected when you login, so you can enter the game world with the press of a button.

Enjoy your hunt,
Your Community Managers