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Jun 01 2007 -
A New Challenge
his update brings a complete new challenge to Tibia. Svargrond, the new premium city, consists not only of the usual houses and stores, but also of a brand-new arena. Here, every brave fighter can challenge various boss monsters to gain honour and one of several new rare items!

If you decide to accept the challenge, you can choose from 3 different levels of difficulty. Young adventurers are well-advised to play the arena in the easy mode. For very experienced players the arena is still a challenge when played in the highest degree of difficulty. Your friends and curious onlookers will be able to watch you fighting and cheer you up from the upper level of the arena. Every challenger has to survive 10 pits which are the homes of different boss monsters waiting for their next victim. If you are able to defeat one of those creepy creatures in a certain amount of time, you may pass to the next pit to face an even more powerful and ferocious opponent. You have always the possibility to flee if one of the creatures proves to be invincible. However, cowards can surely not expect an honourful and glorious reception.

But those, who manage to defeat all 10 boss monsters of one level of difficulty will receive fame and honour. Moreover, they will obtain a goblet which proves that they have accomplished this challenge. Additionally, they may select one of several new rare items which can only be obtained in this challenge.
If you are looking for excitement, honour and a fantastic new item, you definitely do not want to miss this great challenge in our brand-new arena!

Get ready for a tough fight!
Your CipSoft Team