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Nov 07 2019 -

New House Features

s mentioned in a previous news, the upcoming house update will introduce a variety of new features:

House Management in Client

In addition to being able to bid on, leave and sell a house on the website, players now have the option to perform these actions from within the client. The new "Houses" tab in the Cyclopedia gives you the option to easily search for any "Houses and Flats" or "Guildhalls" you might be interested in. You can specify your search by choosing the location, own houses, the state they are in (auctioned or rented), as well as sort by different factors. An in-game view of the selected house is shown, too, which also lets you cycle through the different floors the domicile might have.

The Cyclopedia map has gained an additional filter for houses, whose marks differentiate between own houses (blue mark), houses currently being auctioned (green mark) and rented or unrentable houses (brown mark). Only the houses owned by the logged-in character are shown.

Moveable Beds

You can now freely arrange any beds in your home! In order to make this happen, all beds will be removed from their homes. You can buy new ones from furniture shopkeepers for 10 to 100 gp per bed. Every bed exists of two parts which have to be purchased separately and will be placed separately. You can even put your bed on carpets! Each building still has an individual bed limit however, so you can only put a certain amount of beds in them.

Several Houses per Character per Game World

The restriction to only be able to rent one house per game world has been lifted. While the limit of three houses per account remains, you can now choose to rent more buildings on one world. You can only bid on one house per account at a time and you can either only bid on a house or transfer a house at a time.

Changes to the Website

The options to move out of a house as well as transfer one have received separate buttons on the website. Furthermore, current bids will now be shown in the account management next to currently owned houses. Last but not least, the buildings' preview graphics have been updated.

Happy decorating,
Your Community Managers