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Nov 15 2019 -

Test Server: Isle of Merriment

he testing phase for this year's winter update is coming to an end. To send test servers off with a blast, the Isle of Merriment will open its gates for you exclusively on Testa and Testera.

This small island offers an arena where CMs will build a dangerous labyrinth for brave warriors and summon sinister enemies like Ferumbras, Abyssador as well as mobs of deadly beasts. You can also explore the isle, say hello to a few creatures from the past, marvel at a display of rare items on top of the arena, and visit our dungeon to see imprisioned villains from your last nightmare.


Monday, November 18, 2019

Testa: 16:15 until 17:00 CET approximately

Testera: 17:15 until 18:00 CET approximately


A teleporter will appear south of Thais crossroads. Just step in to access the Isle of Merriment.

See you there!
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