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Dec 02 2019 -

Winter Update 2019

he winter update has been released! Let's recap what new features and content you can expect:

A ghostly menace imperils the land. The researcher Para Nortbert has discovered strange rumblings in the spectral netherworld Zarganash, which threaten to spill over into the world of the living and spread horror across Tibia. Dark times lie ahead, lest brave souls find it in them to beard the evil.

In order to combat the ethereal source of dread, you must travel to the other side by collecting artefacts from all over to open portals to the vast beyond. Steel yourself, as the journey ahead of you will be full of nightmarish apparitions hell-bent on destroying you.

The update also brings you a number of new features.

First up is the Party Hunt Analyser, which lets you track important data about your party in general as well as individual party members. The default value to calculate loot, supplies and balance is the Average Market Price, but Premium players can also set their own prices if they are the party leader. While you are out hunting, you might want to complete one or two bestiary entries, too. The new Bestiary Tracker allows you to easily follow your progress to complete a bestiary entry. To make handling several characters more convenient, you can now also sort them in the log-in screen and even pin characters to the top as part of the Improved Character Selection.

The Hunting Tasks will give you one more reason to hunt. Similar in design to the Prey Creatures, this new feature lets you pick a creature you are going to slay and set an amount of kills. Once you have defeated the set amount of your chosen monster, you receive Hunting Task Points which you can exchange for an outfit, a mount, or decorative items. With an abundance of features available to you in the client, you might want to keep things tidy by freeing up some space. Luckily, from now on you can configure which Control Buttons are going to be displayed in the interface.

Enjoy the update,
Your Community Managers