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Jun 15 2007 -
Cool New Things
ot just the Ice Islands are new and cold, people with a sweet tooth will surely love the new ice-cream cones which will be available in 6 different flavours. If you prefer something to warm you up after a long hunt in these frozen lands, you can buy a mug of tea or hot mead in the tavern of Svargrond.

However, these islands have more secrets. It is said that some magicians of the old times were able to brew potions to enlarge somebody's powers. Just recently a few flasks containing these potions have been discovered. A careful investigation revealed that these potions raise your melee skill, your distance skill or your magic level for a certain period of time. Who knows? Maybe there are more of these useful flasks which just wait to be detected.

Premium players will get more stuff to decorate their houses with. Randomly the heads of defeated enemies are well enough preserved to suit as wall hangings. Some of them are extremely rare and your neighbours will surely show you respect if the head of a demon, a dragon lord or a behemoth tells about your hunting success. What is more, there are rumours that those that are talented will even be able to carve some decoration themselves.

Prepare for a cool summer!
Your CipSoft Team