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Dec 10 2019 -

Bugfixes and Content Changes

ith today's server save, the following fixes and changes have been implemented:

  • An empty guest list no longer leads to the sub-owner list being cleared.
  • It is now possible to select the current date for a house transfer in the client (which was already possible on the website).
  • There is no longer a chance of being teleported to Svargrond when fighting Vok the Freakish.
  • A bug which has prevented some players from progressing in the first mission of the quest "The New Frontier" has been fixed.
  • The helmet Galea Mortis can once again be imbued with powerful epiphany.
  • The testserver assistant no longer appears as a vendor in the items section of the cyclopedia.
  • Some improvements have been made to the new houses.
  • Some graphical glitches have been fixed.

Have fun,
Your Community Managers

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