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Dec 12 2019 -

Carpets and Participation

e have implemented another improvement to the house system during today's server save. Using carpets has not always been a smooth affair for home owners, so we made some changes:

  • Carpets can now be removed from anywhere. Right-click on one, select "Browse Field", take it. No more stuck carpets. This means that rift and void carpets which might still exist "in the wild" due to previously being stuck can now be taken as well. Moreover, rift and void carpets can no longer be placed outside of a home.
  • Carpets can now be put under everything on which you can put an item on top: Place your carpet on top of something, use it, and it will appear underneath the item. This means you can now also place them under ladders and in front of/under doors, without affecting opening or closing the door – however, the door has to be opened to place the carpet. You can even put carpets under garden flowers now, giving you artistic licence.
  • The insatiable void that is the dustbin is no longer a danger to any carpets. You can safely place them atop the dustbin, use them, and they will appear underneath.
  • Please note that there are a couple of items like barrels in certain residences on which you cannot put any items and thus, cannot place any carpets beneath.
  • You can lay up to three carpets on top of each other.

A small change in regards to participation has also been introduced: From now on you have to do damage in a bossfight in order to receive participation, so e.g. healing your teammates is no longer enough. Please note that you have to actually do damage to the boss, with one point being already enough, however. If the boss's resistances fully negate the damage, your attack will not count towards participation.

Happy carpet laying and removal,
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