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Jun 22 2007 -
Feel the Merciless Grip of Frost and Cold!
ur lands are not for the weak. The icy breath of father Chyll will blow those that are too fragile into the realm of the dead. Only those who own the courage and the spirit of a fighter will stand a chance to survive here. Still, even they will experience an extremely difficult and hard time.
Svyre Bloodaxe, barbarian

A long time ago, Carlin had to leave their northern mining colony due to the appearance of vile sea serpents that interrupted all sea passages to the north. Only recently, the contact was reestablished and ships are travelling to Svargrond on a regular basis now. Still, many things have changed over the years. New challenges and perils await the brave and strong adventurer while unwary travellers will surely not leave this area alive.

Travel with us way up north in this year's summer update. Join us in a new chapter of excitement, challenges and discoveries. Explore the harsh and unforgiving lands of the barbarians. Take the challenge to befriend the proud and warlike inhabitants of Svargrond. Earn their respect and an honourable place in their society by passing a test which includes tasks as difficult as knocking over a huge mammoth.

While working for the welfare of your new rough friends, you will face creatures never seen before and discover a plethora of new, exciting hunting grounds. Help the city of Svargrond in perilous missions and you might even earn the trust of their spiritual guardians, the powerful shamans of Nibelor.

If you believe that the schism of the Svargrondars and the raiders that split the barbarian culture is the major conflict, you will quickly realise that you could not be more wrong. In the course of your adventures and missions it will become more and more clear that there are far more sinister forces at work in the icy north. If you are brave and persistent enough, you might eventually uncover a plot whose roots date back to the times of the first gods war. It might be up to you to prevent a catastrophe of epic proportions that could mean the end of life as we know it. Foil the scheme of evil and if fate sees it fit, challenge the dark mastermind behind it.

Grab your warm clothes and your weapons and be prepared! The ships to the north will set sail this summer.

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