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Jun 26 2007 -
Major Game Update 8.0
he waiting is over! We proudly present this year's summer update!

White and calm lays the land way up in the North, but one should not fall for the peaceful look. It is not only Chyll, the icy north wind, to whom unwary adventurers fall prey to. There are many more dangers hidden in this freezing area. Premium players who are brave enough to accept this challenge, can set sail or use the flying carpet to reach the new cool city Svargrond. From here, they can explore no less than 6 new islands to solve mysterious secrets, defeat numerous new monsters and to unearth precious treasures. The rather grumpy barbarians living in Svargrond might have some work for those that have proven themselves as trustworthy. Be wary when you fulfil your missions, though! Rumour has it that some strange cult tries to call a very powerful demon.
What is more, a brand-new arena has opened its gates and awaits those that are prepared to challenge 10 boss monsters to a duel. Those that succeed will not only gain honour and glory, but will also obtain rewards of outstanding value.
Moreover, players can earn a great new outfit and 2 fitting addons for their characters. Not only do the warm and furry clothes of the new Norseman outfit look fancy, but they will also suit you well in these cold lands.

Furthermore, we have continued to balance the vocations. All melee and distance attacks have been raised. Now, the weapon skill is the most important factor for the damage dealt out with a weapon. Likewise, for damage made with magic, the magic level is most important now. As the level is now less important to resolve damage, knights and paladins have received new spells to make up for the lost ability to use attack runes effectively. There have also been some changes for some existing spells, e.g. the berserk spell now consumes a steady amount of mana. Note that the "Find Person" spell will now also cost mana if the character you are looking for is not online. Paladins will be glad to hear that ammunition that used to drop to the floor, now remains in the inventory to prevent stealing.
Additionally, we have introduced level requirements for many melee weapons. If you are wielding a weapon for which your level is too small, your attack value will decrease. To provide enough weapons for characters of all levels, the update will bring more than 60 new weapons. Now, some one-hand weapons have a defense modifier who will raise or drop the defense value of the shield you are holding in your second hand. Note, that many 2-hand weapons are only available to knights now.

Finally, Windows Vista is now fully supported by the Tibia client and should run trouble-free for all users of this operation system. Also, in addition to the abbreviation "CM" in front of their name, Community Managers now have received a red cape for their outfits so you can easily recognise them as employees of CipSoft.

Please note that due to technical changes, it is necessary to download the complete client 8.0. There will be no patch available.

Enjoy the update!
Your CipSoft Team