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Jan 30 2020 -

First Changes to Rebalancing

ear Tibians,

thank you for your input on the recent rebalancing. We are currently still evaluating the feedback we receive and have already decided on the first changes:

Grounds of Plague, Grounds of Destruction, Grounds of Damnation, Grounds of Despair, Grounds of Fire and Halls of Ascension had their focus shifted from gold to XP. All monsters in these hunting grounds received an increase in XP and decrease in item drop chance. The XP is now ~80% of the XP value from before the rebalancing. The loot is now ~35-60% of the loot value from before the rebalancing. Since these monsters appear in other huntings grounds as well, this for instance also led to Rathleton Catacombs having its XP increased to the same level as it was pre-rebalancing without a change in loot.

Nightmares received an increase in XP, resulting in Oramond Mountain Hideout receiving an increase in XP. The XP is now ~80-85% of the XP value from before the rebalancing.

The announcement has been adjusted to account for these changes in relation to the values before the rebalancing.

We will continue to monitor the situation and make further changes when appropriate. We appreciate any kind of constructive feedback.

Have fun,
Your Community Managers