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Feb 04 2020 -

Bugfixes and Balancing Changes

oday we introduced a new set of balancing changes which you can find in the updated announcement.

We will continue to observe the situation and will make adjustments when and where needed.

Moreover, the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Smooth Retro now works again with enabled light effects.
  • Some light sources which no longer emitted any light now brighten their surroundings again.
  • After a world transfer, players who had their home town set to Roshamuul will have it changed to Thais, if Roshamuul is not yet accessible.
  • Hirelings now sell lamps.
  • The original drop rate of the spectre items golden idol of Tukh, blue ectoplasm, green ectoplasm and red ectoplasm has been restored.

Safe journey,
Your Community Managers