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Feb 18 2020 -

New Balancing Changes: Loot Buffs

ear Tibians,

since our balancing efforts have started, we have received an enormous amount of feedback from you, the community. Some welcomed the changes, others raised valid concerns.

After three weeks and several partial changes, we are buffing most of the affected monsters loot-wise. Our measures to decrease the gold inflow proved highly efficient – so efficient in fact that we have enough leeway to increase the profatibility of all focussed hunting grounds without sacrificing our goal: to combat inflation.

This is also in response to player feedback that hunts became unsustainable for them, as their waste would often outweigh their loot.

However, these changes will not make the hunting grounds as profitable again or even more profitable compared to before the rebalancing, as these hunting grounds were responsible for the massive inflow of gold into the game. Nevertheless, we decided to lessen the gold nerf considerably to allow players of all level ranges to better finance their hunts.

It is still imperative for us to keep a lid on gold inflation and inflow, which was one of the main motivations behind the rebalancing.

We will keep a close eye on the situation in regards to gold and XP inflow and will compare them to our goals.

Onto the numbers! Due to popular demand, in addition to our usual format of giving changes relative to each previous value, the new values are now also given in relation to the values pre-rebalancing. For added convenience, we also implemented a list of changes in the client this time.

Finally we would like to thank all the players who have supported us with constructive feedback. We always welcome helpful comments and input.

To the hunting grounds,
Your Community Managers