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Mar 30 2020 -

Stamina Changes and More

ear Tibians,

recently we have registered a heightened interest in Tibia and would like to accomodate this with the following measures:

Starting tomorrow on server save, Premium accounts will receive a +50% XP boost during their first three hours of stamina instead of only the first two. The regeneration rate of green stamina (between 39 hours and 42 hours) has been lowered to 6 seconds per 1 second of stamina instead of previously 10 seconds per 1 second of stamina. After logging out, you will need to wait 18 hours and 10 minutes to regenerate the full three hours of green stamina. The increased green stamina regeneration also applies to the stamina regeneration in resting areas. This will last until server save on April 30 when stamina regeneration and XP boost hours revert to their previous values.

Moreover, Double Daily Reward Month has been extended until the end of April and the transfer block of the following game worlds will be removed tomorrow: Nossobra, Ombra and Venebra.

Have fun in Tibia,
Your Community Managers