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Apr 17 2020 -

Giving Back

ellow Tibians,

for more than 20 years, Tibia has brought together hundreds of thousands of players. Long-lasting friendships have been formed and unforgetful memories have been forged. In these trying times, it is more important than ever to stand united to face the challenges ahead.

CipSoft wants to do its part in the fight against COVID-19 with a donation of 100,000€ to charity.

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Like many other game developers, we are also joining #PlayApartTogether, an initiative promoting gaming while practising social distancing. In addition to the aforementioned donation, we want to do even more together with our playerbase, however.

Beginning today, a special Store offer will be available whose entire proceeds will be donated:

From server save on April 17 until server save on May 31, the mounts Benevolent Savanna Ostrich, Benevolent Coral Rhea and Benevolent Eventide Nandu can be purchased for 500 Tibia Coins each. When bought, the mount will be available to all characters on the account.

From server save on June 1 onwards, the mounts will still be sold for 500 Tibia Coins each under the names Savanna Ostrich, Coral Rhea and Eventide Nandu, but they will be only available to the character used when purchasing the mount. Any previously bought "benevolent" versions of the mounts will of course still be available to all characters on the account.

The entire proceeds gained from the sale of the "benevolent" mounts go towards the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund of the World Health Organization (WHO). Many renowned companies have already contributed to the fund, among them a number of businesses in the games industry. We highly appreciate the fund's clearly stated goal of fighting COVID-19.

After the special offer has ended, we will announce how much money has been earned and thus will be donated through your, the players', contribution.

If you want to donate another amount than the Tibia Coins needed to buy the mount(s), please do not hesitate and donate directly to the WHO.

Stay safe,
Your Community Managers