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Apr 27 2020 -

Tournament Exploit Investigation

ear Tibians,

Tournaments are supposed to be a competitive event, promoting a fair comparison of skill amongst players. However, over the weekend, an abuse scenario involving protection zones has been heavily exploited by some people, which goes directly against the spirit of the Tournaments.

We are now looking into this matter in-depth and are analysing the situation thoroughly to evaluate our options and decide our next steps. In order to be able to do this, we have taken some measures:

No rewards were handed out today on 10:00 CEST when the Tournament ended. The Tournament cycle has been extended to April 30, but the game worlds will not come online again. We might extend the Tournament cycle beyond April 30 should we need more time for our investigation. Please note that you can still buy Late Registration Tickets currently, without being able to enter the Tournament anymore!

We apologise for the trouble,
Your Community Managers