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May 28 2020 -

Following the Curse

t seems the werecurse is truly spreading. I would not have believed it just weeks ago, and yet, with what I have discovered so far, I must face reality. It was not my curiosity which sent me on this quest but rather hard coin in my purse as I was given the precarious task of assessing how far a shore this affliction has reached. Edron and Grimvale were only the beginning. My reports tell the whole story; read them if you will, but keep them safe upon my return. – M.

Arundel had not heard from his friend in months until a package had arrived this very morning. The note was accompanied by a number of scrolls, covered in meticulous writing. He was not too surprised by the delivery, as she had told him on more than one occasion that she might need his help unexpectedly one day. The scrolls were not sealed and Arundel's curiosity soon got the better of him, so he sat down and began to read.

Report WS-II.1

I received word that strange going-ons have occured in and around the town of Darashia. Unnatural sightings, bone-chilling howls in the night, people disappearing without a trace... it appears I am on the right track in following this lead. My contact has given me the name "Domizian", a local who might have insight into this. I am wary of making friends too quickly in this place, however. I don't know who I can trust, what their motives are. A friendly gesture might turn into a stab in the back in the blink of an eye.

Report WS-II.2

My contact has gone silent. He was supposed to give word upon my arrival in Darama. I was right not to trust anyone. My gut feeling tells me to get out of this place as soon as possible. I couldn't meet up with Domizian, he is apparently out of town, but I cannot wait, I have to keep moving. I overheard some chatter in the town's bathhouse and the useful bits and pieces I have gathered from it have been consistent with my research into the werehyaenas. There must be some caves and an underground network of tunnels nearby, connected to these creatures. I shall make my way there soon and investigate closely, but carefully. This could all go wrong very quickly it feels.

Report WS-III.1

After having penned my previous report, I thought this was the end of it. However, one of the retrieved documents I let analyse points me in yet another direction. It appears that the situation is more complicated than I had previously assumed. There seems not only to be a congregation of werehyaenas but werelions as well – something which I just recently would have deemed a folly, yet today, I am no longer sure... I shall proceed with my investigation and get to the bottom of this. I already know where to go next, yet I do not know what awaits me there. If these werelions are anything like the werehyaenas however, I foresee no problems since these vile beasts were easy to outsmart in their brutish state of mind.