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Jun 04 2020 -

Abandon All Hope

here are five grounds where evil has taken hold and put down its dark roots into the deepest reaches of the abyss.

These are the challenges one has to overcome in order to discover ultimate malevolence... To even contemplate taking them on is reckless, however, and to actually attempt to beat them is suicide.

This demonic inferno, filled with perishing energy and many-limbed creatures, will trap any unsuspecting soul trying to reach the end by rushing straight through. You may survive the first instance and, unlikely as it might be, even escape the second one by the skin of their teeth, but abandon all hope should you think of prevailing a third time, only to confront the lord of this domain.

A festering wasteland, sanctified by infernal forces. Its treacherous paths branch out in all directions, leading careless souls to despair and damnation. Arboreal nightmares roam this land, moving extensions of the rotten surroundings. Only one who can navigate this bizarre landscape and find all the shrines can dare to venture on and meet the true horror in its lair.

Ebb and flow rule this stead, a bitterly cold and pestilent realm. It is the home of maritime nightmares who do not have to care about the unstoppable tides. However, you better be wary of your surroundings, lest you be trapped at the bottom of the sea floor, condemned to a watery grave. You will need to slay seven hazardous phantoms before you can cross the blue divide to reach your last foe.

Three circles of abject terror make up this hellhole, increasing the dread evermore as you descend and draw closer to your annihilation. Blessed by unspeakable evil, the blood of the creatures inhabiting this place is harmful to the touch and should be avoided, while their energy is needed to eventually face certain doom.

The most twisted of places. What a cruel joke it is to have to fight in your own home, warped beyond reason but not recognition, all the while staring into familiar faces, having to fight friends and companions to the death. A chilly wind howls through the ruined streets and what should be sacred ground has taken on cursed form. By the time you reach the final fiend you no longer care whether you live or die.

However prepared you might think you are, whatever skills you may possess, it is not enough. This is the end of the road. You cannot win.