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May 25 2020 -

Info on Summer Update Test

he character backup for the summer update test will be taken on June 04, 10:00 CEST. Please note that you will have to use your email address and password of this date to access the test server. The exact start date of the test has yet to be determined. As usual, it will be private first. We also have exciting news about the test for you:

We are happy to announce that there will also be a South-American test server this time: Testebra!

Moreover, we want to offer invited players more freedom as to where and with whom to test. Therefore, every character of level 400 or higher on invited test accounts will be cloned twice so that a version of this character is available on each of the three test worlds. Clones will be recognisable by a string of random letters at the end of their name.

As we already announced, the summer update will include new best-in-slot items, obtainable through very challenging hunting grounds and bosses which are beyond current game content in difficulty. Therefore, we will invite a large number of premium accounts that have a character of level 400 or higher to the private test server phase, in addition to other selected player groups such as tutors and fansite representatives, for example.

We want to emphasise that many of the invited players will most likely die a lot and frequently in the aforementioned hunting grounds due to the high level of difficulty. Those hunting grounds and bosses are intended to be risky and challenging even for players above level 1000. In fact, we do not expect any team to be able to slay the final boss during the test. Thus, the death penalty will be deactivated in those areas to ease testing conditions a bit. Of course, it will be active and work normally on live servers once the update has been released. 

It is very important for us to get feedback on those ambitious hunting grounds and bosses, especially from high level players and teams. We hope we can count on your support and help to test this new content. So if you are among the invited players, please join the private test, give it a go and show us your full strength! And let us know about your experiences on the test board. Naturally, we will also keep a close eye on how players manage those places and bosses after release and will make difficulty adjustments if we consider it necessary.

The summer update will also bring new quests, hunting grounds and bosses with a difficulty range between Grimvale and the Order of the Falcon. So if your level is not high enough to access or survive in the more challenging parts of the new content, there is still plenty to try out and test.

We are looking forward to meeting you on Testa, Testera, and Testebra!
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