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Jun 09 2020 -

Charms, Highscore Extension, Settings Backup

ot only will the upcoming summer update bring you a large amount of new content, but several new features as well.

Bestiary Extension and New Charms

The summer update will introduce a new monster difficulty called "challenging". A bestiary entry for a challenging monster will reveal more details once a player kills 200, 2000 and 5000 monsters respectively of its kind. Completing the entry grants 100 charm points for common monsters.

Not feeling particularly inclined to spend your hard-earned points on current charms? Then you might want to have a look at some new charms and boosted old charms:

  • Divine Wrath: Triggers on a creature with a certain chance and deals 5% of its initial hit points as holy damage once.
  • Vampiric Embrace: The current life leech amount of a player will be increased by 4%. This goes only into effect if life leech is already active through equipped items.
  • Void's Call: The current mana leech amount of a player will be increased by 2%. This goes only into effect if mana leech is already active through equipped items.
  • Gut: Gutting the creature now yields 20% more creature products instead of only 10%.
  • Scavenge: Now enhances your chances to successfully skin/dust a skinnable/dustable creature by 25% instead of only 10%.
  • Bless: Blesses you and reduces skill and experience loss by 10% instead of only 3% when killed by the chosen creature.

Highscore Extension

Do you feel especially competitive or would simply like to get the big picture in terms of player efforts? By adding new filter options to the highscore section, you will be able to compare players globally, across game worlds, with stats being updated hourly. Not only will the highscore section on the website receive an overhaul however, the lists will also be available ingame from now on.

A new category will also be available in which points are given according to how many bosses in the Zarganash areas of the upcoming summer update a player has killed: Killing one of the five normal bosses yields one point, slaying the final boss results in ten points given.

Charm points will now be relevant as well in a new category of the leaderboard, showing how many points a player has earned so far, no matter whether the charm points have been spent or not. Last but not least, you will now see your character highlighted in the ranking.

Client Settings Backup

Did you ever have to reinstall your Tibia client and spent hours arranging your action bars and configuring the hotkeys? Soon you will have the option to backup your client settings, that is, everything in the settings menu and the action bars, with the press of a button. They will be saved in a file on your computer which you can then import again.

We hope you enjoy the new features,
Your Community Managers