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Jun 10 2020 -

Team Finder, Visualisation of Loot Lists

ired of spending hours on trying to scrape a party together? Did somebody unexpectedly drop out and you need a short-term replacement to take that vacant spot in your team?

The team finder will help you in organising your game session quickly and efficiently. This Premium feature allows you to create a notice which details what exactly you need. It can be found in the Social dialog (formerly called "Friends dialog") under the tab "Assemble Team". You can specify the following things:

  • Level Range: Which level an applicant should have (players can still apply for a party which is outside their level range).
  • Vocations: Which vocation you are looking for.
  • Team Size: The maximum size of the party.
  • Free Slots: How many free slots are available.
  • Start Time: When you plan to start the activity.
  • Activity Type: Allows to filter for bosses, hunts and quest lines.

You can also accept current party members to your team immediately. Once you have chosen your desired parameters, press "Start Assembling Team". This also opens a team chat channel. Once an interested player wants to join your party, you can either accept, reject or invite them. By inviting them, they will be added to the team chat channel, where you can talk to them to see whether you would like to have them in your party. Accepting them then adds them to your party while rejecting them will also remove them from the team chat channel. Characters on your ignore list will be automatically rejected.

Please note that you can only create one notice at a time, which you can edit after creation, however. You can always delete your own notice at once if you want to create a new one. Once you log out, it will be removed. It will also be deleted 30 minutes after the start time. The corresponding team chat channel will be closed as well in this case.

If you are looking for a party, you can equally use a number of parameters to look for a specific group by going to the "Join Team" tab. Select the group you want to play with and click "Join Team". You will be notified when you are invited to the party, accepted into it or rejected from it.

Visualisation of Loot Lists

Looting has just become a lot more convenient. In the "Manage Loot Containers" you will now see what items you have declared "Accepted Loot" and which ones are "Skipped Loot". You can also easily remove items from that list again and jump directly to the item's entry in the Cyclopedia.

See you in Tibia,
Your Community Managers