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Jun 15 2020 -

In the Depths of Zarganash

ou are here. You are finally here, in the deepest recesses of Zarganash. Unthinkable evil dwells in this realm. It is unlike anything you have ever faced before and it will destroy you. I will humour you however and tell you, what you would need to do in order to vanquish the darkness.

Every time you beat the boss in one of the five hunting grounds, a penalty will be put upon each member of your party. You will keep the penalty when you enter another of the five areas and when defeating the next boss, another penalty will be added to your current one. When you have slain all five final monsters, you will have received five penalties and you will have to bear them when facing the ultimate boss. Which penalty you receive does not depend on the boss, as you will always receive them in the same order. So plan accordingly as to which bosses you want to kill first and which last. These penalties are:

  • A certain chance that a creature teleports to you
  • A certain chance that a new creature spawns near you if you hit another creature
  • Received damage increased by a certain percentage
  • A certain chance that a creature will fully heal itself instead of dying
  • Loss of a certain percentage of your hit points and your mana every 5 seconds

Each penalty brings with it also one advantage, however: The promise of riches. Each time you defeat a hunting ground boss, your chances increase to loot a rare item from one of the creatures which roam the five hunting grounds or from one of the five bosses. Nevertheless, the drop chance will still be a lot lower in this case than when fighting the final boss.

A ghostly
can be made

Once you have defeated the ultimate boss, your penalties will be removed and you have to defeat the five bosses again, before facing the last foe once more.

Note however that should you fail in vanquishing the final boss, penalties four and five will be removed from you and you have to defeat two randomly chosen bosses again. If you fight in a party which perishes facing the final boss, each party member has to defeat the same two bosses once more.

Should you against all odds prevail, rich reward awaits you. If you slay the final boss for the first time, you will receive a very powerful item, guaranteed. Even if you die as a member of a party, you will be rewarded if your group manages to beat the final boss. Each time you subsequently defeat him without receiving a rare item, your drop chances increase. Once you have looted a rare item again, your drop chances return to their initial state.

These are the rare artifacts you may retrieve from the vault:

However, it would be best to abandon all hope, for you do not stand a chance against the immeasurable might of the dark forces that desperately wait for you to enter, so that they may rip you to pieces.

How did this all come to be you ask? I am the genesis of this wretchedness and malevolence, my being birthed this decay and ruin. I commanded the Brotherhood of Bones. I am the Necromant King.

I am Goshnar.