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Jun 16 2020 -

Start of Private Test

ighty warriors of Tibia, come and show us your strength! The private test of the summer update has started and lots of new stuff is waiting to be tested!

As we already announced here, you can also try out the new contents on a South-American test server this time – Testebra.
In addition to certain groups such as tutors and fansite representatives, for example, we have invited a large number of Premium accounts with a character of level 400 or higher to the private test. Moreover, every character of level 400 or higher on invited test accounts has been cloned twice so that a version of this character is available on each of the three test worlds. Clones are recognisable by a string of random letters at the end of their name.

Please check the test website for further info. In order to log in, you need to use your registered email address and password of June 04, 10:00 CEST. You are welcome to share your experiences and thoughts with the Tibia devs on the test board to help us tweak the new content and features before their release. 

Will you prevail or perish in the perilous depths of Zarganash? Will you uphold or crush the chivalric ideals of the Order of the Lion? Will you uncover or bury the truth behind the werecurse that is now sinking its claws into Darama?

Will you be there, Tibians?

We are waiting for you,
Your Community Managers

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