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Jul 13 2020 -

Summer Update 2020

he summer update has just been released! Let's look at the new features and content you can experience now:

The Order of the Lion needs your help! Unrest has grown for a long time among the knights and tensions have reached a breaking point. Join the righteous ones as you fight the good fight, battling against the usurpers, while finding out more about the last of the three orders and how deep its ties run with the Falcons and Cobras.

The werecurse of Grimvale is spreading throughout Tibia. It has reached the Darashian shore, leading to strange events whose backgrounds have to be uncovered by you. While the curse seems to be as strong as ever, turning people into beasts, some afflicted beings seem to deal with it in a special way...

For the foolhardy and ever so daring, Zarganash has opened its bottomless maw. The malicious goings-on in this great beyond are inextricably linked to the Necromant King, Goshnar himself. Five realms of utter destruction await, eager to devour you upon entering. Those stout of heart and equipped with exceptional skill will however be rewarded with great riches, should they prevail.

The new team finder allows Premium players to easily gather a party. Choose from a variety of parameters like level range, vocations and activity type to find the players you need. Conversely, you can search for teams that are looking for fellow Tibians to join them. Going on a hunt has also become a lot more convenient since the loot containers received an upgrade in the form of visualised loot lists. Any loot that has been accepted or skipped by you is now shown in an additional column on the right side.

The update brings you not only a number of new monsters, some of which belong to a new monster difficulty, but also a few new charms as well as reworked old charms for you to spend your charm points on. Speaking of charm points, did you ever wonder how your yield compares to that of other players? From now on you can find out exactly that via new global highscores.

Finally, getting all your hotkeys and action bars in order again after reinstalling Tibia is no longer a chore as you can now simply export all your client settings with the press of a button and import them again just as easily.

We hope you enjoy the new summer update,
Your Community Managers