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Jul 28 2020 -

Bugfixes, Content Changes, Balancing Changes

oday, the following bugfixes and changes have been released:

  • The correct cooldown times are now shown again when switching characters on one account.
  • The creatures rotten golem, courage leech and turbulant elemental no longer count towards the 6666 demon task. However, the infernal demon does now count towards it.
  • Werelions now only drop moonlight crystals during a full moon.
  • Werehyaenas have been removed from a low level area.
  • Rhargu now provides another lit torch when the "lost torch" is mentioned.
  • Bounac has received a mailbox.
  • The items dead frog, enchanted theurgic amulet, luminescent crystal axe, pair of old bracers and phantasmal hair have been moved to their appropriate Market category.
  • The ancient lion knight now has cooperative loot. Only the character with the highest participation will receive loot, though.
  • Some map issues, typos and graphical glitches have been fixed.

Additionally, the loot in the Cobra Bastion has been lowered a bit, as you can see in the updated announcement. We will continue to observe the situation and will make adjustments when and where needed.

Have fun in Tibia,
Your Community Managers