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Sep 01 2020 -

Bugfixes, Content Changes and Balancing Changes

oday, the following bugfixes and changes have been released:

  • The amount of pages displayed at the same time in the Char Bazaar has been condensed to avoid clutter.
  • Benevolent mounts no longer show up as part of character auctions.
  • Sorting by bid in the Char Bazaar now works as intended.
  • Sorted listings in the Char Bazaar no longer contain duplicates.
  • The pint of glooth can no longer be used on other players.
  • It is no longer possible to leave a PvE arena fight by using the boots of homecoming.

Additionally, the loot in the Rotten Wasteland has been lowered a bit, as well as the XP of the Rotten Wasteland and the Secret Library energy section, as you can see in the updated announcement. We will continue to observe the situation and will make adjustments when and where needed.

Have fun in Tibia,
Your Community Managers