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Oct 27 2020 -

Reward Streak Protection, Damage Input Analyser

ailing to check in one day and losing your hard earned reward streak can be a frustrating experience. The new Reward Streak Protection will alleviate this situation as it gives players the opportunity to save their reward streak in such a case.

Each character receives one daily reward joker on the first server save of each month. They can accrue up to three of these daily reward jokers, which will be displayed in the reward wall. The character selection receives a new column which shows whether the daily reward has been already collected since the last server save.

The new daily reward jokers each compensate for one server save cycle during which the daily reward has not been collected. For instance, if you have two daily reward jokers and forget to collect the daily reward for two server save cycles while having an active streak of five days and only collect the reward within the third server save cycle, the two daily reward jokers will be used up and your streak will be increased to six days. If you would not have at least two jokers in this case, the daily reward streak would be reset when collecting the reward.

Damage Input Analyser

This new tool, which will be integrated into the analytics selector, provides you with a detailed overview of the damage you receive, serving as a counterpart to the impact analyser. It shows you the following information:

  • Total: The total amount of damage a character has taken from any source.
  • Max-DPS: Maximum damage per second, the maximum amount of damage a character has taken in one second.
  • Damage graph: Depicts the "damage taken per second" amount over time as a graph.
  • Damage Types: Lists the received damage by type, sorted by the highest amount in descending order.
  • Damage Sources: Lists the received damage by source, sorted by the highest amount in descending order. Limited to the five highest entries.

Displaying the damage graph, damage types and damage sources can be individually disabled. Like with the impact analyser, either recent values or session values can be shown. Speaking of which, the impact analyser will receive the same kind of damage types listing as well, which can be disabled, like in the damage input analyser.

Highscores Filter Extension

The highscores filter options, which have been improved already in this year's summer update, have received further additions. It will now be possible to filter highscores on the website and in the client by world type and BattlEye status to provide the player with even more ways to look for specific data.

We hope you enjoy the new features,
Your Community Managers