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Oct 29 2020 -

Familiars, Colourisable Mounts, and More

uick looting is meant to ease the often tedious looting process for players. In its current form, it does not reach this goal fully, as squares might have to be checked with "Browse Field", if several corpses lie on top of each other. A new Quick Looting Extension will let you quick loot a stack of corpses with the click of a button, which works with up to 30 corpses on one field. This new functionality will be active by default, but can be deactivated to make use of the old quick looting mechanic.

Familiars and Colourisable Mounts

In order to further enrich your possibilities to personalise your character, we are introducing familiars, which are different appearances of your mighty summon, as well as the option to change the colour of specific mounts.

A Krakoloss awaits you

The "Customise Character" dialog now lets you colourise mounts, just like how outfits are colourised. Please note that this will only work with certain new mounts, not old ones. The first of these colourisable mounts will be introduced in the winter update. For the sake of convenience you can copy the outfit's colours to the mount, and likewise, you can copy the mount's colours to the outfit.

New familiars can be summoned

New familiars (Snowbash, Sandscourge, Mossmasher, Bladespark) can be gained in the upcoming winter update as well, one for each vocation. It will then be added to your already existing one, and despite looking completely different than the old summoned creature, it will not change the mechanics of your mighty summon. The familiar can now be viewed and selected in the "Customise Character" dialog, though it cannot be colourised. The spell names will be changed to (summon) Knight Familiar, (summon) Paladin Familiar, (summon) Sorcerer Familiar and (summon) Druid Familiar. The familiars that a character owns can be viewed in the character tab of the Cyclopedia, under "Appearances". They will also be displayed in the Char Bazaar.

Exercise Weapons with Greater Charges

Since training with several exercise weapons is a time consuming affair which does not require much, but still occasional attention, we are introducing new versions with greater charges. There will be "enhanced" and "masterful" versions of the six existing exercise weapons in addition to the standard ones, which will stay as they are. "Enhanced" exercise weapons will have 1,800 charges (sold for 90 TC/945,000 gp) while "masterful" exercise weapons will have 14,400 charges (sold for 720 TC/7,560,000 gp). These new versions are otherwise identical to the old exercise weapons: They are sold by the same NPCs in the same category, they cannot be bought in Tournaments and players will not be logged out due to inactivity when using them.

We hope you enjoy the new features,
Your Community Managers