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Nov 30 2020 -

Winter Update 2020

he winter update has just been released, so let's briefly look at the new features and content which are in store for you:

Hordes of ghastly pirats are raiding the Tibian shores, spreading fear and terror. It will take a special kind of hardy adventurer to challenge them and put an end to their maritime forays.

In the quest to halt the pirat hordes, unexpected allies will stand by your side, however. If you prove your worth by stepping up to the swashbuckling fiends, new ways will open for you, leading you to exotic places and hidden treasures. The vast sea will never be far during your journeys, so beware – age-old dangers lurk in the depths of the ocean...

Failing to collect your daily reward for a day or two (or three) no longer means that you necessarily lose your reward streak, as newly introduced daily reward jokers may save you in such a case. The damage input analyser provides you with another tool which you can use to evaluate your hunting efficiency by listing the damage you receive. It not only shows the overall damage, but splits it into damage types and damage sources as well. New highscores filter options allow you to find specific data even more efficiently.

A new quick looting extension lets you quick loot a stack of corpses with a single click instead of having to resort to "Browse Field", making the loot process a lot easier. The look of your summon can now be changed by choosing a different familiar, and it has also become possible to change the colour of certain mounts. Last but not least, there are new exercise weapons available which have greater charges than the already existing ones.

We hope you enjoy the new update,
Your Community Managers