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Feb 10 2021 -

Dev Note: Tibiadrome

ear Tibians,

it is time to present you another dev note about a potential addition to the upcoming summer update.

The Tibiadrome is a new type of arena for players to fight against a variety of creatures with increasing difficulty. Changing combat modifiers spice up the encounters, and special rewards await those who have been successful in defeating their foes.

We have prepared an in-depth dev note to lay out this concept in detail, giving you a general overview of the Tibiadrome, but also an example of a player's potential experience. We would kindly ask you to take your time and read the dev note carefully before answering the questions!

Until February 17, 10:00 CET you can share your opinion, ideas, suggestions and criticism about this idea with us in the comments.

Thank you for participating and sharing your thoughts,
Your Community Managers