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Apr 11 2001 -
New Areas
ere are some information about the current work on new areas in Tibia. We will present some of them in the next update in a few weeks. Hopefully you will like the results of our editors which make Tibia a more enjoyable world to play in. Many thanks for their effort.

  • Elven Town Ab'Dendriel (Knightmare)
  • You can visit the town in the northeast of Tibia. Rumors about a mystic isle may lead you to an adventure.

  • Fields of Glory (Tekvorian)
  • A great tale about a glorious battle is told about these fields northeast of Carlin. Be sure to find a thrilling dungeon beneath the surface.

  • The Ghostlands (Falke)
  • A spooky landscape can be explored to the west of Carlin. Some say that horrible creatures roam this area.

  • Femor Hills (Wastl)
  • Between the towns of the dwarves and the elves are some hills where many goblins try to rob travellers. You should clean up the area.

  • Reokon's Tundra (Cohen the Barbarian)
  • A nice place to hunt can be found in the northwest of Carlin. Young adventurers can also explore some caves.

  • Ice Islands (Feanor)
  • In the far northwest of Tibia are the cold Ice Islands. You can be sure to make there some hot experiences.

  • Mad Mage Valley (Hammerfall)
  • This valley lies in the west of the dwarven mountains. A strange tower raises into the sky.

  • Orc Fortress Ulderek's Rock (Muesli)
  • The hordes of the orcs have enlarged their fortress and further secrets may be revealed.

  • The Snake Stone (Niehoff)
  • The only attracting place on the plains south of Thais is a cave entrance. Maybe you can discover more at this spot.

  • Green Claw Swamp (Aureus)
  • The swamp near the center of Tibia is not only the home of some witches. Better stay away from this creepy area.

  • Stone Wood (Alara)
  • This is a dark wood near the land of the orcs. Some worrying things seem to happen there.

    Several smaller changes will be done in some other areas.

    Prepare for your next adventure!
    Your CIP Team