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Nov 02 2007 -
Nicer Than Ever!
ave you ever thought of moving to the countryside? This year's winter update will add some real new beauties to the Tibian housing market! Fancy living like Old MacDonald with a couple of friends? Now you can rent your own farm, complete with fields and no less than three individual buildings! How about a stately mansion by the sea that features an exclusive private stretch of unspoilt beach? What about your very own sinister wizard's tower? Or perhaps we can interest you in a very special something - a picturesque house boat that comes with its own underwater observatory!

More screenshots can be found on our supported fansites. Of course, there are new homes for Tibia's creatures, too! A mysterious new dungeon has recently been discovered to the north of Port Hope, and rumour has it that there are further new places waiting to be explored. What's more, many areas have been refurbished. From exotic nomad tents and dreary dungeon entries to dangerous giant cobwebs, there is plenty to discover everywhere. Do not forget to visit our supported fansites for some further cool new screenshots! You will find that the lands of Tibia look nicer than ever!

Kind regards,
Your CipSoft Team