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Nov 09 2007 -
Discover New Secrets Everywhere!
his year's Christmas update becomes mysterious. Adventurers up for a challenging riddle should talk to the inhabitants of the Tibian cities as some of them will have new tasks to complete. Don't be shy just because you are still inexperienced - there are jobs for characters of all levels. If you are skilled enough, you might even be able to discover some hidden quests.
Moreover, a salesman is expected to arrive at the time of the Christmas update. As he is new to Tibia, he will be travelling around to get to know many places. Being a merchant looking for interesting new goods, he might be willing to buy some of your stuff if you are able to win his trust.

Have you ever dreamt of being a cool agent like James Bond, solving secret missions? Then you should definitely join the new Secret Service. However, choose wisely which agency you want to join as your decision is irreversible. Are you rather a funny and quick-witted person who is always good for a prank and loves to joke around? In this case the fool's guild will welcome you with open arms and will surely have some unexpected witty missions for you. What is more, there are rumours about nomads in an arcane hideout somewhere in the Daraman desert.

Additionally to tricky new quests, we have added a handful of entertaining seasonal festivities. Apart from well-known holidays like New Year's Eve or Valentine's day, there will be special events like a flower month or masquerade days to spice up your Tibia life.

Solve the mysteries of Tibia!
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