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Nov 14 2007 -
Vocation Balancing Preview
ith relation to the vocation balancing, we will introduce a greatly enlarged system of elements. There are already a few creatures in Tibia that are resistant against certain elements, e.g. snakes are immune to poison. Also all rods and wands belong to special elemental damage types. Right now we have 3 elements in Tibia: fire, energy and poison. However, poison will belong to the newly introduced element of earth after the update, which means that characters will deal direct earth damage instead of poison damage over time. This will finally render the neglected poison spells useful again. Moreover, we will introduce 3 completely new elements: ice, holy and death. The 6 elements will influence creatures, weapons, equipment and spells. Needless to say, that there will be a whole bunch of new spells after the update, other spells have been revised and received new names, again others will be available to different vocations from now on.

Sorcerers are especially skilled in fire and energy, so they have powerful spells of those two elements and can also make the according runes. Druids will no longer be able to create strong fire or energy runes, instead they will be able to cast mighty ice and earth spells and also make runes of those two elements. However, mages out there, don't worry: You will still be able to use the runes made by the other mage vocation, and you can also use basic strike spells for each element. Both vocations will have the possibility to select from 2 vast area spells. Even though, their magic potential is only strong enough to master one of them at a time, they can always choose to switch to the other spell instead according to their hunting plans.

Also knights will be able to control the elements for a certain period of time and with the help of Tibia's magicians. There are a few weapons that pulsate with magical energy and can be enchanted. With the help of occult teleporters, located in every city, talented druids and sorcerers with a Premium Account can visit holy shrines to fill up gems with magical energy. Depending on the shrine that has been used, those powerful gems will temporarily turn weapons with magical potential into weapons with ice, earth, fire or energy damage on the one hand, and hit damage on the other hand.

Paladins will be the only vocation that can master a few holy spells which are especially effective against undead creatures. Having a holy distance and a holy area spell at their disposal, they are able to attack vigorously against creatures of death and decay. Moreover, they can use arrows of the various elements to hit the Achilles' heel of the particular creatures.

Apart from the 4 vocations, also all creatures are strongly influenced by the new system. All monsters will have sensitivities or even immunities to certain elements which are differently developed. A sorcerer cannot harm a dragon if he is using his repertoire of fire spells, no matter how powerful, as dragons are of course immune to fire. On the other hand, a druid casting an ice spell will be able to wound the fire spitting creature badly.

We will also alter the way to restore your hitpoints and mana. Since magic in general is something a knight is not especially gifted at, the current healing spells and runes will hardly be useful to a knight in the future. However, knights will have 3 new health potions to use instead. Additionally, they will learn a new way to instantly clean their wounds. Sorcerers and druids will have 3 new mana potions at their disposal. Paladins have some talent with magic, but are also skilled similarly as knights. Therefore, paladins will use a combination of healing spells and 2 of the 3 health potions as well as 2 of the 3 mana potions. When you get into combat, you will generally be able to use supportive spells like healing at the same time as attack spells.

So next time you are planning a large hunting session, you have a lot more options to prepare yourself really efficiently. Which gems do I need to enchant my weapon with, which spells should I have on my hotkeys, which runes will be most effective against these monsters, or which amulet should I wear to protect myself from the damage of a certain element. The enlarged system of elements brings surely some variety to Tibia and will ensure that all vocations have some advantages when fighting special creatures.

For a first glimpse on the magical shrines and a few new spell effects, visit our supported fansites!
Furthermore, we invite you to share your opinion about the vocation balancing in a dedicated thread on the proposal board.

Study the science of elements!
Your CipSoft Team