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Nov 22 2007 -
New Outfits
lso for this year's Christmas update, the Tibian fashion designers have sat together to sketch a few new cool outfits for premium players who are willing to go a long way of challenging and tricky tasks.
In one of our last teasers, you have already heard that especially funny and humorous characters will be able to join the fools guild. A real fool, however, will never leave the house without his brand-new jester outfit. Players that have proven their extraordinary talent in playing pranks will rise in the guild's estimation and might be also granted the right to wear some fancy accessories with their outfit.

What is more, both, the Brotherhood of Bones and the Nightmare Knights, made an approach to the designers to ask them for outfits that clearly identify ranked characters as members of their orders. However, it rests exclusively with characters of the highest rank to choose those that are worthy to wear this special outfit. Only those that bear the title of a Dread Lord or a Lord Protector are able to enter a newly discovered room in which they can transform a precious jewel into magical outfit scrolls. There are 3 scrolls all together, one for every rank of the orders. Characters can only use a scroll if they have at least the required rank. Also scrolls of higher ranks can only be used if the scrolls of the lower ranks have been used before. Don't miss the chance to identify yourself as a member of a respected order!
Keep in mind that only one character of the highest rank is needed to obtain the scroll for the basic outfit for everybody that has joined the same order. Therefore, guilds or circles of friends might be well advised to support one of their members in getting the highest rank to obtain the basic outfit more quickly for everyone.

Curious what the jester and the nightmare knight outfit look like? Have a look at our supported fansites!

Get ready for an awesome new look!
Your CipSoft Team