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Nov 28 2007 -
New Creatures
e have not only revamped some areas for this update but have also added several new monsters to existing places. Some of them we would like to introduce to you today.

From now on, the Tibian dogs will have a new playfellow. Cute white kitty cats will scurry around your legs roaming the cities. Adorable are also the newest forest dwellers. The explorer has to have a quick eye to take a glimpse at the extremely shy and swift squirrel.
But there are also some less pleasant inhabitants new to the forest. Poachers are criminals and outlaws who make a living from things they find in the woods. Knowing that travellers normally carry some nice equipment, they don't even shy away from robbery and murder. Particularly, young adventurers should be wary when entering a forest which is known for attacks of poachers.

Just as cute as kittens and squirrels, but much more dangerous are the new dragon hatchlings. One should be wary when encountering the new dragon offspring. Firstly, they are well protected by their parents, dragons and dragon lords, and secondly, they can become quite perilous themselves. Their little nostrils do not only produce clouds of steam, but once in a while also strong fire waves.

What is more, we have revised all existing troll races and added an even stronger race - the troll champion. His extra armor makes him somewhat stronger and more resistant than his relatives. Also cyclopes were unified with 2 newly discovered relatives. Cyclops drones have 4 muscular arms which are especially helpful as they are the workers among their kin. They are stronger than ordinary cyclopes but they lack their intelligence. The masterpieces produced by the cyclops smiths are in great demand among all races. However, as skilful they are in forging, they are also skilful in fighting which makes them the hardest opponents of all cyclopes.

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Prepare for exciting fights!
Your CipSoft Team