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Dec 06 2007 -
Amazing New Features
his year Santa has got some very special new features for you in his sack. Often wished for on the proposal board, now it is finally here: shared experience! The healing powers of druids and the fabulous blocking of strong knights will finally pay off the same way as the damage dealing of sorcerers and paladins.
To share experience points, the leader of your party must activate this feature via the context menu. However, it will be impossible that a character of level 150 hunting dragon lords will level up his little level 10 friend who is waiting securely in the city. To activate shared experience, certain requirements must be fulfilled. First of all, only characters that are of similar levels can share experience when hunting together. To be more precise, the lowest character in a party may not have less than two-thirds of the levels of the highest character. This means a level 40 can share experience with a level 60 but not with a level 20; or a level 200 can share experience with a level 300. Secondly, the distance of all party members to the leader must be smaller or equal to 30 fields, this works also if you are one floor up or down. Finally, all party members must be actively involved. This means they must either have healed another member or attacked an aggressive monster.
If one of the above mentioned conditions are not fulfilled, a red cross appears on the shield that marks you as party member and shared experience is deactivated until all party members fulfil all requirements again. You can easily recognise the members who do not meet the conditions by their flashing party icon. Whenever, shared experience is not activated, the experience points will be distributed as before according to the damage every member is dealing out.
Note that shared experience is not available for killing other characters on PvP-enforced game worlds.

Shared experience is not the only new feature for the Christmas update. You finally can determine the design of your beds! Visit your local furniture store to buy modification kits for green, red, yellow or the common blue beds. To equip your home with a brand-new bed, use the kit on the pillow of an empty one and it will be remodelled in the blink of an eye. Note, that these modification kits work only for beds, so they will be of no use if your house or apartment is furnished with cots, straw mats or hammocks.

Have you ever felt like a fish out of water when walking on the Tibian beaches and longed to jump into the cool ocean? Tibia has just opened its first public swimming areas. In special separated areas (we don't want you to be eaten by a shark), players can quickly change into their swimming things and jump into the blue Tibian sea. Not only swimming can become your favourite pastime, also friends of playing water polo will love the ability to follow their hobby now.

Grab your swimming things!
Your CipSoft Team