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Nov 23 2021 -

Exaltation Forge

he upcoming winter update will introduce the Exaltation Forge, a way to gain access to new powerful effects. In order to make use of this system, players need new resources.

The first one is dust. In order to get dust, which is non-tradeable, players have to kill influenced monsters. These creatures have a low chance to spawn in place of a regular monster and are stronger versions of regular monsters. They can carry one to five stacks which gives them increased damage and maximum health – the more they have, the stronger they are, and the higher the potential to yield more dust. How many stacks a creature has is indicated below their name in the game window. While a player can only carry 100 dust at first, this limit can be increased to a maximum of 225 by spending dust.

An influenced squid warden...

... and a fiendish dragon.

In addition to influenced monsters, there are also fiendish monsters. These are even stronger creatures, which do however also give more dust, as well as a new tradable resource called slivers. Fiendish monsters are considerably rarer than influenced monsters. A new spell, Find Fiend, will be introduced, which indicates the direction of the nearest fiendish creature. At the Exaltation Forge, dust can be converted into slivers, and slivers can be converted into exalted cores.

Three new effects can be gained by using the forge: Onslaught, through which an attack may deal 60% bonus damage, which is additive to critical hits; Ruse, which provides a chance of completely avoiding damage from an attack; and finally Momentum, which grants a chance every two seconds to reduce all existing spell cooldowns by two seconds if the battle sign is present. This affects individual spell cooldown and the secondary group cooldown, but not the primary group cooldown. All three effects will be visualised in the game window when they trigger.

More details about the workings of this system will be provided upon release.

See you at the forge,
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