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Dec 11 2007 -
Major Game Update 8.1
any months have passed in which tricky code was refined, beautiful sprites were drawn and interesting quests were thought of, but now it is finally here: The 4 CipSoft Santas and their many diligent elves present proudly this year's Tibia Christmas Update.

Numerous quests have been added varying in difficulty and length to provide excitement and fun for characters of all levels. You love playing pranks? Become a member of the fool's guild! More the serious type? Join the Secret Service! Find countless new quests by talking to Tibia's inhabitants. As quest rewards you will not only be able to gain honour or maybe a nice item, you can also earn the right to wear a brand-new outfit. What is more, a travelling salesman has just arrived in Tibia. Win his trust and he might be willing to buy some of your stuff.

Also for this update, vocation balancing was a hot topic. For this reason we have greatly enlarged our system of elements, now consisting of fire, ice, energy, earth, holy and death. Needless to say that we have revised several old spells and added a number of new ones for this reason. Sorcerers are the masters of fire and energy, but they are also able to make the strongest death damage rune - the legendary sudden death rune. Druids are especially gifted when it comes to ice and earth spells. Paladins are the only vocation that is able to cast holy spells. Knights yield mainly physical damage, but depending on what kind of weapon they are using, they can deal out also fire, ice, energy or earth damage. Several weapons can now be enchanted with special gems. With the help of occult teleporters, located in every city, talented druids and sorcerers with a Premium Account can visit holy shrines to fill up these gems with magical energy.
Check out our creatures section to find out the immunities and sensitivities of the single monsters. Using a weapon or spell of the right element, will help you to bring down your enemy much more quickly on your next hunting trip. To protect yourself from a certain damage type, you can find new equipment and amulets in the game to absorb the damage of a certain element.

Furthermore, you will need a good magic level to use healing runes and spells effectively. For this reason we have given knights the ability to clean their wounds instantly and added 3 new health potions for them to use. Sorcerers and druids, on the other hand, will have 3 new mana potions at their disposal. Paladins will be served best if using a combination of healing spells and 2 of the 3 health potions as well as 2 of the 3 mana potions. When you get into combat, you will generally be able to use supportive spells like healing at the same time as attack spells.
What is more, knights that have little confidence in their own healing measures might now enjoy hunting together with a druid to heal him just in time. The awesome new feature shared experience will let you benefit equally from your party hunt.

Tibia has also got some new inhabitants! Cute white cats will purr around your legs roaming the cities. Adorable but extremely shy and swift are squirrels. Sweet-looking are also the various new dragon hatchlings, but beware of their strong fire waves created by their little nostrils once in a while. 2 new cyclops races and a stronger troll will bring some variety to the hunting experience for lower level characters.

Finally, we have added a number of great new features. Some creatures have learnt some amazing new spells which enable them to affect your character with one of the 3 new special conditions: dazzled, freezing and cursed. However, if you jump into the water of our new public swimming areas, your character will be cleaned from all special conditions. Note, you can neither use invisible, nor creature illusion, nor the chameleon spell, nor stealth rings in the water and it is also impossible to use the safe trade option while enjoying a bath in the Tibian sea.
Modification kits for beds allow you to give your home a more personal look. Moreover, the cross that indicates you on the automap will now appear in black or white depending on the colour of the surface you are walking on. Last but not least we have added a few new symbols for marking special places on your automap.

The update patch will download automatically when you log into the game. If you should encounter any problems, you can alternatively download the new client 8.1 from this website.

Enjoy the Christmas update!
Your CipSoft Team