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Nov 29 2021 -

Winter Update 2021

he winter update of 2021 has been released! Next to other features which we have showcased before, this update brings you the brand-new Exaltation Forge. While we previously talked about how to get the necessary resources to use it, how the forge itself works has been shrouded in mystery – until now.

The Exaltation Forge offers players a way to upgrade weapons, armour, and helmets. Items can be increased in tiers, with the maximum number of tiers for an item being limited by its classification into one of four groups.

There are two ways to rank up an item to a higher tier. The first one requires two of the same items to be fused, in addition to a sum of gold (higher tiers demand higher prices), and 100 dust. Success of a fusion is not guaranteed – there is a possibility that the second item will be either reduced by one tier, or, in case it was a tier 0 item, it will be destroyed. Using exalted cores, the success of the operation can be increased, however, and the risk of losing a tier gets reduced, should the fusion fail.

The other way to increase an item's tier is by transferring a tier from another item of the same class. The target item, which is to receive the tier, has to be tier 0, while the source item, from which the tier is transferred, has to be at least tier 2. This process requires 100 dust, one exalted core, and a sum of gold. The transfer is guaranteed to succeed. The target item receives the source item's tier by a reduction of one tier, while the source item itself will be destroyed during the transfer.

Upgrading an item this way provides it with the new effects Onslaught (for weapons), Ruse (for armours), and Momentum (for helmets). A higher tier increases the trigger chance of these effects.

Since the introduction of the Exaltation Forge may have a noticeable impact on item prices, we have decided to cancel all market offers of weapons, armours, and helmets, so that sellers can re-evaluate the price they want to sell at. The market fee for these offers has been refunded. The price limit for a market listing has also been raised from 999,999,999 to 999,999,999,999.

We hope you enjoy the update,
Your Community Managers