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Mar 24 2022 -

Fansite Appreciation Day 2022!

nce again, it is time to celebrate the close relationship between Tibia and fansites. Tibia has always been lucky to be home to many creative and dedicated community members who carry their enthusiasm for the game outside into the real world. Fansite admins have been part of this crowd since the very beginning.

The Fansite Appreciation Day has come to life two years ago, in 2020, when we celebrated the 15th anniversary of the fansite programme. In 2021 then, we celebrated the Fansite Appreciation Day for the first time. And also this year, a couple of admins put their heads together and came up with ideas on how to spend this period of time together with the community. The Fansite Appreciation Day is slowly turning into a nice Tibian tradition. So here is the plan for this year's celebrations!

First of all, there is a huge fansite item lottery! This is your chance to get the fansite item you like best, even if you are not a frequent visitor of fansites or participant of the many contests and events that they organise.
You might think this is crazy, but let us explain: We are very well aware of the fact that fansite items have a huge value. It is no secret that we are not really fond of that. Fansite items should be fun. So we would like to see many fansite items ingame, fulfilling their original purpose of advertising the fansite they represent. Of course, fansite items should be special, but not in regards to their monetary value. Please take note that from now on, we will have such a lottery on a yearly basis.

This year, we will raffle off three of each fansite item of every fansite that has been active in the beginning of 2022. All you have to do to participate is pick your favourite fansite item, and add a short comment, stating what you like about the fansite it represents. Winners will be selected randomly, however, we will check the comments, too. Spam entries, or entries that contain insults will not be rewarded. Each fansite admin will receive a list with your comments, anonymously, that is. The lottery will end at April 01, 2022, CEST, at midnight. So make sure to submit your vote no later than at the end of March, in order not to miss your chance.
Please see this not only as your chance to get a fansite item, but also as your chance to show appreciation to the fansite of your choice, be it for cool quest guides, contests, articles, or any sort of information or entertainment that you enjoy from a fansite team.

Every Tibia account can participate only once in the lottery, and only as long as it contains a character of at least level 75. Premium Time is not required in order to participate. Good luck everybody! Head on over to the poll section and choose the item you like best. This is your chance!

If you need help deciding which fansite item you would like to choose, some fansite admins have provided further information on their fansite items for you, which you can access directly in the table below. Not all admins have provided extra information, however, which does not mean that their fansite item does not have a lore, or is worth any less.

This lottery is not all. There are even more ways to get your hands on a fansite item during this year's Fansite Appreciation Day celebrations!

Several of the participating fansites have organised a joint contest: Your task is to dress up like a boss, or a special creature! This is the basic idea:

The fansites have picked a boss or creature that they would like to see from you. Their boss choices are listed in the table below. If you feel like dressing up, pick the fansite that chose a boss you would like to dress up as and check their contest description for the details, e.g., how you can submit your picture. If you do not see a bossmonster in the table row for a specific fansite, it means that the admin decided not to take part in this joint contest.
How can you win, you might ask? Admins, or fansite teams, of participating fansites will pick their favourite costume that was submitted on their fansite. The winners will receive the fansite item of the fansite they participated on. Should the fansite not have a fansite item, yet, a nightmare doll will be the reward that is up for grabs, instead. The deadline to submit your picture is April 7, 2022 server save, on all participating fansites. After all winners have been announced, you might reach tremendous fame when your picture is featured in a news on!

Also this year, several fansite admins would like to use this chance to introduce themselves to you. Please read their comments about their fansite, and their teams. They also invite you to participate in the Meet and Greet thread in the Auditorium. Are you interested in knowing more about a fansite? Maybe you would like to join a fansite team? Get to know the admins there! Seize the chance.

And now here's the stage for the fansite admins!

Fansite Logo
...words from the admin!
Fansite Item Info
Dress like a Boss info! is a knowledge center for Tibia. It provides a board for players to ask and answer Tibia-related questions. The community votes on questions and answers to indicate which are interesting, and most importantly - correct! Everyone can easily ask their Tibia question on TibiaQA - registration is not required.
The community plays a vital role on TibiaQA. They provide most of the content available on the site and even help with moderation tasks. Users who constantly provide high-quality content earn reputation points, which unlock more moderation privileges on the site. To keep everything running smoothly Ellotris Guardian and three dedicated moderators, Camarluk, Xarkost Eilia, and Shawtay frequently assist the community. They review and improve the clarity of posted questions and answers, remove inappropriate content, take actions on posts flagged by other members of the community, and much more! Together with other members of the TibiaQA community, they are making it a great place! If you would like to be a part of the TibiaQA team, check out the details concerning the search for a community manager.
If you enjoy asking and answering questions, you might also be interested in the contribution system run by TibiaQA. Collect enough reputation points, and you will receive the Omniscient Owl - fansite item of TibiaQA.

The Omniscient Owl was created as a part of the Fansite Item Design contest and introduced into the game with the Summer Update 2019. An owl is a symbol of wisdom, which makes it a perfect fit to represent a knowledge-centered fansite, such as TibiaQA.
  • Chosen Bossmonster: Last Lore Keeper
  • Contest Description:
  • Dress Like a Boss - in English!
Tibia Home is a fansite created for lovers of houses and decoration with the purpose of encouraging players to decorate their houses, levels up and skills, thus making tibia a much more beautiful, fun and art-filled game.
At players can find many contents related to decoration, such as tips on how to use Store furniture, rugs, illusion techniques and game tools, such as the light effect and screenshot; how to get decorative items and tutorials on how to create different kinds of decorations. In addition, we aim to bring fun to the community through our contests that reward multiple players with items that every decorator wants!
Along with the website we have an Instagram page that we use to share our contents, mini tutorials, announcements, and also the beautiful screenshots of other players who also enjoy decorating.
To make everything possible, Tibia Home counts on the experience of the decorator Suzy Kill, the administration of Amelia Zelia, and a dedicated team that help the community to understand and learn more about this vast subject, we strive to ensure that decorators can find everything they need to know on Tibia Home. We are immensely grateful to the community that welcomed us from day one and that are always motivating us to continue with this site made with great care and love!

A long time ago, when decoration was not as popular, one of the few decorative items was the Pumpkinhead, so we wanted to have an item that would represent the old generation of decorators and bring happy memories. Evora was created by Daniel Sake, and you can check our item story here.
  • Chosen Bossmonster: Lethal Lissy
  • Contest Description:
  • Dress like a boss - in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.
TibiaDraptor is a fansite that offers tools for tracking a player’s progress during their journey in Tibia. It tracks the progress from achievements, bestiary and quests, it also provides a way to show and share that progress with other players.
It was born as a personal project, in order to keep track of my achievements. In March 2018, we decided to share it to the public and with the feedback that the community provided, the bestiary and quest trackers were added to the site.
TibiaDraptor is updated by Storned and Charlotte Lisner, they developed the tools offered in the site and update them whenever new information is found. Even though we are a small team, we try to give our best for the site!
We also try to provide fun ways to complete your bestiary by organizing hunting contests every now and then. Don’t miss them!

The Draptor Doll was created by Makadamia. It has 2 stages that you can change at will when you interact with it. Join our hunting contests and soon you will have one for yourself!
Tibiaria was idealized by Elfo Fantasma and a group of friends who had a main goal on Tibia: have fun and laugh a lot. We were all old players, since 7.1ish and fans of the role-playing and story telling. What is the best place to share your stories and share some laughs while enjoying a big mug of mead? A Tavern! So we decided to create a tavern where we could share all the fun we had with the community! Being part of BomDiaTibia staff, Elfo Fantasma and Super Amarelo (BDT admin) put the idea into practice. With Zyrus Vest handling the meme production and the community supporting the content creation, sharing their stories, Tibiaria started. The first Memeking/Queen contest was huge and elected the first memequeen: Jely. On 2020 a memeking took over the throne, Pinguzz. And the current owner of the memequeen crown belongs to Bijou Kidi who won the contest in 2021. Besides the memeking/queen contest, Tibiaria had an amazing time bringing famous guests to the tavern for a funny chat, called Papo na Taverna, or "chat in the tavern". All the community could grab a beer and join us in the tavern (aka Twitch). It was so good that we decided to spend the whole day in with the community on the Papo na Taverna Global. Among the guests we had the bigger Youtubers, streamers, fansite admins, ex-GMs, warlords and even the legend himself: Arieswar. We achieved the mark of 3.000 simultaneous viewers!
Tibiaria is only possible because our team: Bomdrax as the site management and social media, Ekaio as the artist and the community as our huge content creators!

The Bard Doll is the representation of the magic bard who appears in taverns around the continent, with his lute in one hand and his mug of mead in the other, to share the fantastic stories he collects around Tibia.
  • Chosen Bossmonster: Dharalion
  • Contest Description:
  • Dress like a boss - in Portuguese. is a fansite mainly focused on events/contests.
Apart from many things Tibians can do on our website, the Tibia community can also submit their own events/contests.
Every contest created by our team also includes an article based on the contest, created by our article writer, which can then be found on our main page and in the contest thread. Our team exists of 6 members who all have their own specialties. Thank you Ely Blademaster, Krisph Darkbane, Walder Martz, Mouton Thug Stronda, Leproso Marginado, for being part of the team!
If you are interested in taking part in our team do not hesitate to apply on our website.

Our Memory Box is an antique camera. It is said to freeze time itself to capture your fondest memories.
  • Chosen Bossmonster: Willi Wasp
  • Contest Description:
  • Dress Like a Boss - in English.
The English TibiaWiki is a wiki project which started in 2004 and is the longest-time member of Tibia's fansite programme. It is a large source of Tibian information on the Internet, with more than 20,000 articles about quests, creatures, items, game mechanics, client features and many other categories. TibiaWiki also has a set of powerful tools, such as a Mapper, a comprehensive Outfiter, a Bestiary Simulator, creatures and bosses loot statistics and several Calculators such as the skill calculator and the armor calculator.
The most important characteristic of TibiaWiki is that it's an open-collaborative encyclopedia, which means that everyone can contribute by adding, updating or correcting information. Over its history, more than 6,000 different players have contributed to TibiaWiki, and currently there are around 40 active users contributing regularly. Furthermore, TibiaWiki has 7 active administrators which are in charge of moderating the content as well as taking care of restricted pages. Each TibiaWiki administrator has his or her own area of expertise, for example in-depth Tibia content, obtaining useful information from the Tibia client or programming the public and private tools used on the website.
Our goal is to constantly increase our compendium of information with correct and verifiable information about Tibia, which is why everyone is always welcome to create an account and start editing. From typo corrections to quest spoilers, every help is appreciated! Also, feel free to send us suggestions via our Discord server!

The Heavily Bound Book was created by Shinner. You can find further information on the item in this article. Enjoy the read!'s main goal is to be the encyclopedia of Tibia. We offer a lot of information about quests, monsters, items and other various aspects of Tibia. Besides that you can get the latest news what is going on in Tibia, as well as in our community. Our forum is a place to exchange opinions, ask for a help or show off your newly decorated house and any skill advance. The site contains a lot of useful tools that help in your daily hunting activities. We are also offering contests and forum games while your stamina is regenerating. is targeting the Polish community but English speaking players will also find something for themselves!

From this place we would like to thank all the present and past editors, moderators and redactors that built and are still working hard on the high quality of!

The famous Ferumbras Doll was created in December 2009 by Ciastek. The best venorean designers tailored this doll in honor of Ferumbras.
  • Chosen Bossmonster: Ferumbras
  • Contest Description:
  • Dress like a boss - in English and Polish. was created and idealized by Super Amarelo. It was created in order to connect friends with the Tibian community. Initially we had news and opinion texts. Over time we started new projects like BDTCast and community contests, as well as tutorials to help players. We also have the traditional Melhores do Ano, where outstanding players in different categories are awarded.
Our project has 4 people: Super Amarelo, currently responsible for the maintenance of the site and technical solutions; Ekaio, responsible for translating and updating the site; Elfo Fantasma, idea creator and staff member; and Bomdrax, current site administrator and responsible for social media.

For more information on the journal shield, please check out O Lendário Journal Shield!
TibiaWiki BR was created in May 2007 and was initially a subdomain of the Portal Tibia website, at that time, a large part of our collection was based on the direct translation from English to Portuguese of (formerly However, over time, Wiki BR started to create original content. With that, nowadays the information of both fansites are very different, each one creating in its own way.
Over the years, Wiki BR became more visible, today being the biggest Brazilian Tibia fansite. A very important piece of information is that our website allows any user to create an account, correct and update information. It is worth mentioning the last quarterly balance sheet released by CipSoft, we were the most accessed fansite worldwide.
All this success would not be possible if it were not for our collaborators, giving a special thanks to our former administrators: Sanosuke'Matheus, Jess and Kepler. We also give a huge thanks to the current conductors of the project and the entire team, check this link.

The Epic Wisdom was created by Insane Jack, this item represents the wise information contained in our site. To win yours, just be an active contributor and over time you will receive it.
  • Chosen Bossmonster: The Dread Maiden
  • Contest Description:
  • Dress like a boss - in English and Portuguese, on their Discord server.
TibiaLight is one of the youngest supported Fansites, and our goal always will be to spread knowledge by promoting tips and guides on different areas of Tibia. Currently the default language used is Portuguese, but our project also includes expanding to English and Spanish.
Our tutorials and guides are structured in different categories that are continually updated, such as: Achievements, Bestiary, Bosses, Quests, some of Tibia's mysteries (In our point of view) and a category that we call (so far) as "others" which has several content tips, especially for decoration items. Also, we have a section that we call Fan Lore, where we will post monthly a short story about the fight of the light and the darkness, and obviously the inspiration for our future fansite item.
We are always open for suggestions and to make this possible we created a discord server, where you can send your feedback and find our own discord bot, that we are always improving.
Our team are led by Brighid Grand Explorateur (administrator, content and arts creator) and our team members are Knight do Guga (content creator and administrator of our Instagram page), Threchevon (content and arts creator) and Canarinha de Fogo (content creator), thank you all for you support!
Our relationship (with the community) is just beginning, our goal is to be a source of reference for new and old players and we hope that our future plans can be able to fulfill your expectations. Follow the Light!

TibiaLight does not have a fansite item, yet, the winner of the contest will receive a nightmare doll.
  • Chosen Bossmonster: Drume
  • Contest Description:
  • Dress like a boss - in Portuguese and English! is a new fansite dedicated to artwork created by Tibia players. You will find here an extensive gallery full of fanart, sprites created by players, artworks created for contests organized by other fansites and all other creative activities, such as house decorations and even tattoos! In addition, the site also has a separate section where you can download official graphics representing the game - from concept drawings of mounts to client backgrounds. Our main goal is to promote artists, both professional and those who treat it as fun, and to inspire to find a new hobby, which, besides the game, may be for example drawing. The website is run by 4 players: Mad Def - who provides all the technical support, Vussia - whose job it is to actively manage Instagram and publish there pictures known from our gallery, Divine'Angel - whose task is to prepare interviews with the creators of the works presented on the site, and the whole project is supervised by Makadamia - the administrator, content creator, the person responsible for contacting the artists and acquiring more and more new materials to share with the world the body of work of creative and talented people and enjoy the eye of the fansite visitors. If you are interested in publishing your artwork on, please use the contact methods provided on the website and show your creations to the community!

TibiaFanart does not have a fansite item, the winner of the contest will receive a nightmare doll.
Tibia Live is the Android app for Tibia. It lets you track characters with login, level up and other notifications, check on events, guilds, houses, worlds, highscores, and more. It includes tools and calculators, with new features being actively added in frequent updates.
Tibia Live was created to be your connection to Tibia on the go, and keep you in the loop on both news and your friends' in-game progress. The entirety of development work is done by one person - Nohus, but a small circle of testers helps by providing feedback on unreleased features and translations. Ultimately the app aims to be as useful to the community as possible, so suggestions and comments are very welcome, join the Discord to discuss the app and be informed about news.

Tibia Live does not have a fansite item, the winner of the contest will receive a nightmare doll.
  • Chosen Bossmonster: Devovorga
  • Contest Description:
  • Contest description is available in the app and on their Discord Server, in English.
Originally created with the intent of being kind of like a blog where we could post what we did ingame, TibiaLife has changed since then and has become one of the best fansites for update quest spoilers. This is all thanks to our team, current and former members alike, we all had a part in it. Our translators post Tibia news in Portuguese, our content creators regularly publish original content related to the game, and we have a big presence on social media too, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, managed by our social media team.
TibiaLife's goal is to help the community in any way we can. One of our best content is called Descomplica, which usually explains how to do bestiaries, achievements, imbuements, etc.
We believe we've built a good reputation within the community and none of it would have been possible without our extensive team of helpers who have been with us for a long time and even those who only stayed for a while.

The Adamant Shield, a beautiful creation by Makadamia, was forged in Kazordoon, by the legendary blacksmith Uzgod, with the help of Pydar. To know more, read our fanfiction.
  • Chosen Bossmonster: Ocyakao
  • Contest Description:
  • Dress like a boss - in Portuguese and English!
TibiaSecrets is a fairly young site that successfully filled a niche among other fansites. It has recently been promoted. There you will find long and short articles about Tibian secrets and mysteries, allusions and other curiosities - regularly published. It also offers two useful tools, with more to come in the future, a forum and an active Discord server.
Our fansite features the best and most accurate NPC transcriptions, which we also provide to Tibiopedia and Tibia Wiki BR. So far we have created 371 transcriptions which is about 40.1% of all NPCs in Tibia.
TibiaSecrets was created with the aim to entertain the community by providing interesting, pleasant to read publications on topics that many players find fascinating.
Users are able to comment on everything that is published. Moreover, a forum and active Discord server welcomes everyone who wants to share discoveries, contribute to the research or just discuss things with other mystery-enthusiasts. The team consists of 6 people. Bosst and Mogh are the co-founders and admins of the site, while Haishen is the research specialist and forum/Discord moderator. Bosst specializes in writing, translating and is the main contact person, Mogh in all tech-related duties and programming (although he has also made major contributions to research and publications) and Haishen focuses on in-depth research.
We also have 3 new team members who have joined over the last year. Lehula Dohon is our Portuguese Translator. Publishing in this language is especially important for us because players from Brazil are the majority of our users. Mirius on the other hand helps us with Spanish translations, but he also advertises us on his Twitch and Youtube channel. He also proves his worth as a mystery-hunter. Our newest team member is Elkolorado, also known as Vuuya, an experienced mystery expert who provides us with his knowledge and experience. His publications will be featured on the website in the future.

We’re aiming to continuously reveal never published Tibian facts and mysteries to you, so stay tuned and be prepared. Step inside, the unknown awaits you on TibiaSecrets…

The Bonelord Tome is the masterpiece of the ancient artist Lupus Aurelius, who had to pay for the gift of immortality. Controlled by the most powerful of Bonelords, he created the work of his life. Would you like to know more about this ancient volume? Check out our article.
(...not part of the joint contest.)


The fun does not end here! Some fansite admins wanted to use this opportunity to create an extra event for you to take part in. Join the fun!

Fansite Logo
Contest Description announced?

Tell Tales

A combination of a story and a crafting contest: craft a Tibia item with wood, cloth, paper or an other material, and write a story containing the item with up to 300 words. You can spice up the story with additional pics, too.

The winners have been announced!