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Apr 13 2022 -

Winners of the Dress Like a Boss contest and more!

n the course of the Fansite Appreciation Day 2022, several fansites have organised a joint contest. Your task was to dress up like a boss, or a special creature. Each participating fansite picked a boss or creature and you were asked to dress like that creature and to submit your picture.
Admins, or fansite teams, of participating fansites have now chosen their favourite costumes and we applaud your creativity! Please check out these awesome costumes!

Dress Like a Boss contest winners (Mangusia): (Sara Sedentaria) (Gamundith) (Sara Sedentaria) (Lord Akris) (Fanjita) (Duchess Lara) (Sara Sedentaria) (Fanjita) (Jup Iter) (Sara Sedentaria)
Tibia Live: (Esme Crawford) (Mangusia)

Congratulations to the winners! They have received the fansite item of the fansite they participated on. For fansites without a fansite item, a nightmare doll was delivered to the winning character.

Another contest was part of the celebrations. has challenged you to create an item with your own hands while telling an amazingly engaging story about it in their Tell Tales contest. Only two players were up for the task. Congratulations to both of them! Check out their stories and the items they have created:

Sir Xancis

Thank you everybody for participating in the celebrations! If you have missed the fun this time, or are sad that you have not been among the winners, there is another chance in 2023!

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