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Apr 27 2022 -

Official Release of Tibia Observer App

ear Tibians,

We are happy to inform you that the Tibia Observer app is now officially released and available for download in the Google Play store. We have also submitted it to Apple so it will hopefully be available in the App Store soon.

The Tibia Observer is a notification app that will support you in your Tibia activities. You can set up in-app and push notifications for various aspects of Tibia to keep yourself informed about things which matter to you.

  • Useful Char Info: Is your character still online training? Have you collected your daily reward? Is your stamina full? And what is today's boosted creature? Tibia Observer's dashboard shows it all at a glance.
  • Raids: Let yourself be notified about raid announcements from the Cyclopedia map if you have unlocked the respective area.
  • Events: The app can remind you about upcoming boost events such as double XP/skill, as well as world events.
  • Char Bazaar: Create a search for characters you are interested in and receive a notification once a fitting auction is up.
  • Offline Training: Optimise your offline training by staying notified about your characters training time pool.
  • Mini World Changes: Get informed about active mini world changes on server save.
  • Houses: The Tibia Observer can let you know when your dream house is up for auction.
  • News and Forum: Stay up to date on latest news, replies in one of your own threads and follow the CM tracker.

Tibia Observer is safe to use. No password or other sensitive data is needed and stored on your smartphone. Instead, the app is linked to your account via a token which is generated in the "Tibia Observer" section in your account management on the Tibia website. That is all which is needed to begin using the app. This link can also be revoked again at once through the account management. Your account can only be connected to one installation of the Tibia Observer at a time. You can link up to three accounts to one such installation. More information on the app can also be found in the respective FAQs.

All players who have already been using Tibia Observer during the beta phase need to update their app via Google Play store.

Get your Tibia Observer Gift

To celebrate the release of the Tibia Observer app, NPC Gaberiel has arrived at Harbour Place in Thais to hand out a decorative Tibia Observer tapestry to every Tibian who stops by and greets him. He will be in town till June 01, server save. The tapestry can be claimed once per character.

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