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May 09 2022 -

Sneak Peek on Pantibian Festival

t the Pantibian Festival, the founders of Tibia will take on a playful obstacle course with 150 players and selected streamers who could also nominate a friend. 

The event will take place on the three special game worlds on May 18, 2022. Depending on the location they qualified for, invited players will be able to log in shortly before the Pantibian Festival starts on their world:

  • Panthena (EU): 19:00 CEST
  • Panthera (NA): 20:15 CEST
  • Panthebra (SA): 21:30 CEST

The Pantibian Festival is a unique get-together to have some fun in celebration of Tibia's 25th anniversary. On each of the three worlds, the event will last for about 45 minutes. The first 30 minutes are spent in the obstacle course which focuses on good timing and quick thinking. It has been created for this special purpose and will only be available during the festival.

The notorious Lord Retro has put a spell on the founders of Tibia and turned them against everyone who dares to enter his playground. He sealed off the streets of Thais and strips intruders of all their items and their spells. As a master of the art of deceleration, he also makes them experience again how it feels to walk slowly instead of running like a lightning bolt.

The only way to free Durin, Guido, Stephan and Steve from Lord Retro's grasp is to make them remember by overcoming the obstacle course together. Here is a glimpse on the challenges that are waiting for the participants:

Running the Gauntlet Do you dare to reach for the rare? Piece it together Passing on the Flame It's the Wurst
There is a way through if you know how to look. Giving in to temptation comes with a risk. A step into a puddle can be a part of the big picture. Push through and keep the flame burning. Stay hungry with heavenly sauces to gobble up the Wurst.

After beating the course, founders and players will gather in King Tibianus' throne room to wrap up the event and pose for some screenshots. For this part, players will get back their items and spells so they can hold their ground in case the founders feel inclined to conjure some special guests. Moreover, a particular display in the throne room holds an exceptional surprise for those who click on it.

Throughout the event, participants are able to get their hands on a few iconic things. Some Tibian dreams may come true, at least for a few moments. Alas, such exquisite blessings are fleeting like a passing mist. We want to emphasise that everything players can obtain during the Pantibian Festival is only temporarily bestowed on their character there for the time of the event.

However, invited players who positively participated in the festival will receive a special decorative souvenir to keep this unique event in a lasting memory. This tradeable item will be delivered to their inbox about one week after the Pantibian Festival took place. At that time, we will also implement the opportunity to exchange Theons for deco items related to the 25th anniversary, including several new items.

On May 16, we will publish a list of the invited streamers and their channels so Tibians can follow the event on their preferred streaming platform. 

Get ready!
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