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Jun 18 2022 -

Track your Archfoes' Cooldown

he summer update will spice up boss hunting and farming with the addition of the Bosstiary. And we have one more thing which will come in handy for ambitious boss slayers:

You want to know when exactly you will be able to fight a certain boss again? The new widget Boss Cooldowns assists you in keeping track of the remaining cooldown time of Archfoe bosses which you have killed at least once. Archfoe is a category in the Bosstiary which includes bosses with a cooldown of 20 up to 48 hours.

Instead of having to remember or noting down when you killed a boss, just open the widget to check the remaining time before you can fight the boss again. You can neatly place the widget into one of your sidebars to always keep an eye on it while playing.

You can either sort unlocked Archfoes by remaining cooldown time or by name. And if you want to check the Bosstiary entry of one of the displayed bosses, just click on their icon to open it.

The widget can be opened via the analytics selector.

Track your bosses!
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Upcoming next week: Mighty new gear!

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