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Jun 17 2022 -

Boss Up

ibia offers a huge variety of bosses, they are an essential part of the game. They shape the game experience of many players, and quite a few Tibians farm them on a regular basis. Bosses differ in appearance, complexity, difficulty, rarity, profitability and other aspects, some are quite iconic or even legendary.

With the summer update, we want to pay tribute to this important part of Tibia. We want to enrich boss slaying by giving it additional purpose, by offering something ambitious Tibians can strive to complete over time while others may use it for a few bosses only: the Bosstiary.
The Bosstiary is a new addition to the Tibia Cyclopedia which allows you to check which bosses you have killed and how often. It rewards your character with useful and fancy benefits for making progress there.

The first kill of a boss after the update's release will open up its entry in the boss archive. Each boss entry has three progress levels. A counter will show you the required amount of kills to reach the next level for this boss.
You also receive boss points for unlocking a new progress level. Higher progress levels yield more boss points.

These are the three progress levels you can unlock for each boss:

  • Prowess allows you to assign this boss to a boss slot.
    • You receive the first boss slot when unlocking Prowess for the very first time.
    • If you select a boss for the boss slot, you benefit of an equipment loot bonus of 25%. This means that there is a 25% chance for you to receive another set of equipment loot from the boss.
      • This bonus only applies to items which can be equipped unless they are limited to one drop per boss kill, e.g. Ferumbras' hat. Such unique drops are not affected by this bonus.
  • Expertise allows you to display this boss on a Podium of Vigour in your house or guildhall.
    • Your character will receive one free podium for unlocking Expertise for the very first time.
    • Afterwards, you can buy additional podiums for gold at an NPC.
    • The Podium of Vigour can be configured via a specific window similar to the Podium of Renown. Click on the image to the right to see the dialog.
  • Mastery grants you an additional 25% equipment loot bonus when this boss is assigned to a boss slot.

Completing boss entries to collect boss points pays off: The equipment loot bonus of the boss slot can be increased gradually up to 182% by accumulating points. Also, a second boss slot will be unlocked once you reach 1500 boss points.

The number of boss kills required for each progress level depends on the how often the respective boss can be killed within a certain amount of time. There are three categories:

  • Bane: Bosses which can be killed more than once by a character within 20 hours, e.g. Zugurosh.
  • Archfoe: Bosses which do not fall into the Bane category and which can be killed once every 20 up to 48 hours, e.g. Scarlett Etzel.
  • Nemesis: Bosses which neither fall into the Bane nor the Archfoe category since they appear less often or have a longer cooldown than 48 hours, e.g. Ferumbras.

Making progress in the Bosstiary will also bestow temporary and permanent titles on your character. Moreover, the new highscore "Boss Points" will be added.

Daily Boosted Boss

With every server save, a randomly drawn boss of the Archfoe category will receive a temporary boost until next server save. During that time, slaying the selected Archfoe will count as three kills for your Bosstiary and the boss will also carry more equipment loot than usual. This boost will always be higher than the maximum equipment loot bonus which can be achieved through the Bosstiary.

If a boss is selected as daily boosted boss, its cooldown will be reset for every character with server save to ensure that it can be slain in time.

Similar to the daily boosted creature, the daily boosted boss will be shown in the client and also on the website which will also be expanded by the section "Boostable Bosses". It will also be displayed in the Tibia Observer app.

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