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Jun 21 2022 -

Dress to Impress

est server is about to start so let's wrap up teasers by taking a look at the new equipment you can get your hands on.


Nagas are skilful fighters. Their strong sense for aesthetics also extends to their craftsmanship and their battle gear. It features an elaborate, almost elegant look. The following equipment pieces will be obtainable in Marapur:

Knight Paladin Druid Sorcerer
naga sword, naga axe, naga club, frostflower boots, turtle amulet naga crossbow, naga quiver, feverbloom boots naga rod, midnight tunic, midnight sarong naga wand,dawnfire sherwani, dawnfire pantaloons

Primal Ordeal

Deep down below the surface in Gnomprona, mighty gear has been unearthed. These extraordinary items certainly enhance every collection and are highly sought after. Three new best-in-slot equipment pieces for each vocation can be obtained:

Spiritthorn Armor, Helmet and Ring
Alicorn Quiver, Headguard and Ring



Arboreal Crown, Folio and Ring

Arcanomancer Regalia, Tome and Sigil

If you are interested in finding out more about their stats and attributes, check out the test board and the test server!

Upcoming next: Let's get this summer update test started!

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