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Apr 08 2008 -
Minor Patch Released - New Tibia Rules Valid Now!
oday, we have launched Tibia client version 8.11. As we have already announced in this month's featured article, the main change of this update concerns the Tibia name rules. We have decided for this step to make the rules easier to understand and to meet the community's wish for more tolerance in this matter. Most importantly, you may name your character after objects and celebrities now. Your name may contain references to a country, and we have discarded the rule to fake other player names. Please note that all names rules do not only apply to character names but also to guild names, ranks and titles.
However, in order to keep a rather unified look to all names, we have added some more technical limits to create names. You cannot create names with more than 3 words anymore or names that contain special characters such as a hyphen.
Furthermore, we have revised some other Tibia Rules in order to make them easier to understand. Apart from the structure, however, no significant changes have been made for Tibia Rules 2-5.
With this patch, the revised Tibia Rules become valid. Please all read the Tibia Rules and particularly the comments to make sure you understand all rules correctly. Please remember that we will not unlock any character names that have been illegal under the old name rules but would be legal under the new regulations.

In addition to the Tibia Rule changes, we have also implemented some adjustments to the current potion system. The prices of all health potions have been reduced:
  • Normal Health Potion: 45 gp (before 50 gp)
  • Strong Health Potion: 100 gp (before 110 gp)
  • Great Health Potion: 190 gp (before 250 gp, however, also the average healing of this potion was slightly reduced from 600 to 500)
Moreover, we have added two completely new potions:

Ultimate Health Potion
for knights of level 130 or higher
costs: 310 gp
restores on average: 750 hit points
Great Spirit Potion
for paladins of level 80 or higher
costs: 190 gp
restores on average: 300 hit points & 150 mana

Finally, we have adjusted several creatures concerning loot, hit and experience points, armor, speed, attacks etc., e.g. all djinns yield more experience points and loot now, the hit and experience points of vampires were raised.

The update patch will download automatically when you log into the game. If you should encounter any problems, you can alternatively download the new client 8.11 from this website.
All Linux users who had problems in the past playing Tibia are advised to download the new client completely from our website. The new Linux client contains some extra files which will not be provided if you simply patch your current version.

Enjoy our latest patch!
Your CipSoft Team

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