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May 03 2023 -

Bug Reporting Part II

ear Tibians!

As announced on April 18, from today on, players will be able to submit a bug report via a special client dialog ingame.

Below you will find a short instruction regarding the reporting and the restrictions as a reminder. Please check also our FAQs or ingame the compendium (Support/Bug Reporting) for further information.

  • You can open the bug report dialog by using the key combination Ctrl+Z. Select the category your report fits best. If you are unsure, select "Other". Describe the issue you encountered as thoroughly as possible by providing steps that are necessary to reproduce it. Your character name as well as the coordinates of the map field on which your character stood when submitting the bug report will be sent automatically. The submission of your bug report will be confirmed with the message "Comment sent" in your game window and server log.
  • To report map bugs, you can right-click on the concerned map field and select the entry "Report Coordinate" from the context menu. The coordinate you clicked on will be sent automatically with your report.
  • Mistakes in NPC chats can be reported by right-clicking on the NPC text in question and selecting the context menu entry "Report Message". The NPC's name and line will then be sent automatically with your report.
  • The possibility of reporting more complex issues via ticket to customer support still remains.
  • Restrictions for reporting are as follows:
    • Your account needs at least 30 loyalty points.
    • Each account can submit a maximum of five bugs per day.
    • The right to report bugs can be withdrawn by customer support.
    • If a player is unable to report for any reason, a note will appear in the report dialog informing the player of the required prerequisites. 
  • With today's release, the tutor position and the senator position, as well as all associated elements (stars, boards, titles, etc.), have been removed. 

See you in Tibia!
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