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Jun 07 2023 -

Wheel of Destiny Presets

he Winter Update from the previous year introduced the Wheel of Destiny, a feature that provided significant options for customising your character's vocation. To offer even more convenience during your ingame experience, we are pleased to announce two useful enhancements that soon will be available in your arsenal. The Wheel of Destiny Presets and the Planner are designed to make your time in the game more enjoyable and streamlined. And of course, more successful.

Let us start with the Presets: This functionality has been created for players who have reached level 50 and possess a premium account. It allows to seamlessly switch between various Wheel of Destiny setups while you are in the temple prior to joining fights.

By enabling you to swiftly adapt to various situations, you can enhance your strategic potential and maximise your preparation efficiency. Presets can also be imported and exported with ease. This means you can also share your setups with friends or transfer them to a different character. 

Our second new feature is located on the Tibia website: The Wheel of Destiny Planner, a convenient tool designed to help you customise your character's preset to your liking. This tool allows you to select a vocation and freely distribute points to see where they will take you.

The Planner also displays how many Promotion Points are required for your current specification, making it effortless to plan and prepare for the future. Of course, you will also be able to import and export your ingame setups quickly.

We hope that the new features will enhance your overall gaming experience!
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Upcoming later this week: More fancy quality of life stuff incoming!

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